Heart and Home Women’s Shelter – Extended through Jan 27

Hi Everyone – a few updates from Heart and Home Women’s shelter:
1)  Thank you!  We have heard many thank you’s from the women staying at UUCPA though the shelter that it means a lot that we have opened our church to them during the cold months of December and January.
2)  Two extra weeks – Heart and Home’s switch to University Lutheran is now scheduled for Sunday January 28, so Heart and Home will remain at UUCPA a little longer, with their last night here on January 27.

3)  You can still sign up to volunteer and/or bring a dinner.  Volunteering is primarily helping with dinner setup starting at 7pm and then staying for dinner.  (Staying to help with dishes is optional.)

To sign up to bring dinner or to volunteer, use Heart and Home’s online volunteer signup at: https://www.hhcollab.org/volunteer

(Or if you want me to find you a date, email me and I can let you know what is available.)
Thanks for your support!

Edie Keating and Beth Sherman