Heart and Home Women’s Shelter – Now open!

Heart and Home Women’s Shelter opened December 17th at UUCPA.  Heart and Home will be at UUCPA through January 27.   Up to 15 Heart and Home participants will be eating dinner and sleeping at UUCPA for the next month.

As well as bringing dinners, Heart and Home also invites us to sign up for volunteer shifts.  Volunteers help with dinner and mattress setup, dishes, and are also encouraged to stay for dinner and chat.  You can sign up for a 3 hour shift from 7pm to 10pm, or for a 90 minute shift.  Fyi dinner is served at 7:45.

Heart and Home also invites community members to volunteer – so we don’t need to bring every meal this month!

To sign up to bring dinner or to volunteer, use Heart and Home’s online volunteer signup at: https://www.hhcollab.org/volunteer.  (ask Edie on Sunday or email if you have questions about how to sign up.)

Thanks for your support!

Edie Keating and Beth Sherman