Help Yourself While Helping A Wonderful Worker

Central American workers are eager to help you!

  • childcare
  • eldercare
  • gardening
  • cleaning
  • professional painting
  • roof repair
  • gutter cleaning
  • personal assistance
  • Spanish lessons
  • moving
  • carpentry

SBSC Job Hotline Workers Include:
Ana: Prepares beautiful and delicious food for you and your party. Pays bills, does bookkeeping, and shops for you. Makes travel reservations, provides transportation to airport, doctor, etc. Schedules & oversees repairs, house sitting, and can assist in many other ways:

Ruperto: Performs carpentry, window washing, professional house paint- ing inside or out, does roof repair including, gutter installation/repair.

Guillermo: A Spanish Teacher everyone enjoys:

  • Martha: “Guillermo is a wonderful teacher because he believes in me and challenges me, while making language a living experience, not a chore. He is not afraid to discuss controversial topics, and I have learned so much about Latin culture from his broad-minded perspective.”
  • Lilanthi: “Our son had trouble in his Spanish class. Guillermo’s private tutoring was very helpful. At year’s end our son won an award for excellence in Spanish.”

Call the SBSC Hotline Coordinator, Arlene Schaupp, (650) 494-8340.