Holiday Bazaar Thank You

A belated but no less heartfelt “Thank you!” to Joe Bailey, Audrey Erbes, Linda Freccia, Lisa and Randy Helmonds, Nancy Neff, Jack Owicki, Su- san Plass, Pamela Schure, Pat Thomas and Mayo Tsuzuki for their dona- tions of baked goods and to Jeff Cashdollar for the bags of candy treats and homemade fudge. Their contributions helped to bring in over $225 at the bake sale. Thank you also who took the time to shop at our Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale. Together we raised a total of $568 greatly exceeding my expectations.

Thanks to Michael Plass, Ella, Emma, and everyone else who helped to fold for my 1,000 cranes project. The count is now over 250. Anyone wish- ing to contribute cranes may leave them in the designated shoebox in the office. The more news I hear about the President-elect, the more concerns I have about our future. The “Bring it on” comment about a nuclear arms race makes me think how appropriate it is to be folding cranes, an activity that memorializes the first time use of nuclear arms on human beings.

Keep on folding…—Dora Fishman