Important notice on camps at UUCPA

Dear UUCPA folks,

We are delighted that our Ecojustice Camp is underway and very successful! Please avoid visiting UUCPA during camp hours (approximately 8 am to 5:30 pm), and please note that everyone must wear masks on the UUCPA campus. It is a simple thing we can all do to assure the parents of children under 12 that their children are safe at UUCPA.

The area enclosed by the orange fencing, which is most of the UUCPA campus, is currently in use by this camp offered by UUCPA. It will be in use for most of the summer as other camps take place here. We are delighted that these organizations are able to offer camps to families who badly need them, and that they have chosen to rent space from us.

If you’re in a small group that wishes to meet on campus, yes, possibilities are expanding! Please follow the guidelines and arrange the space with our office staff, Jeff Cashdollar and Debra Heinz. They’ll make sure you know when and where your group can meet.

Thanks for understanding as we move through this transitional time, when many of us have more freedom from COVID but many are still in the same situation as they have been since March 2020.

Take care,Amy