It’s Time to Pledge to UUCPA

UUCPA is important to so many of us because it gives so much to us and to the wider community.  Here is just some of what we have been up to recently:

  • Sheltering unhoused members of our community for 2.5 months each year through Hotel de Zink and Heart & Home Women’s Shelter
  • Providing Our Whole Lives (OWL) comprehensive sexuality education to all ages K-12
  • Sending our parish minister to an act of witness at the border in support of immigrants
  • Expanding our rooftop solar panels to produce 100% of our electricity load, doubling our previous solar production and avoiding 18 tons of carbon emissions
  • Contributing over $15,000 to our justice partners in 2018
  • Offering a diverse array of Adult RE sessions as well as meditation and prayer groups
  • Hiring our first Membership and Engagement Coordinator, BJ Wishinski
  • Bringing healing music to 13 ill members through the By Your Side Singers
  • Beautifying our campus and adding more native plants to our front garden

Together with other members, you made this happen!  Our devoted volunteers, ministers, and support staff are also working hard to keep our community thriving.  This year we want to broaden our reach, bring in more of our community, and strengthen bonds among all our members.  In order to sustain and expand this important work of worship, justice, learning, and connection, we are looking to you to make a pledge to UUCPA.

The Annual Giving page provides helpful guidance on pledging.  Note that a group of generous donors has set up a matching fund.  If you donated less than $2,000 last year (or are a new pledger), and you increase your pledge by $250 from the prior year, the matching fund will contribute the same amount.

You can pledge by:

  • sending your pledge to
  • mailing your pledge card to the Church (pledge cards can be picked up at church or c received in your pledge packet)
  • dropping it off at the Church office during the week or on Sunday
  • calling your pledge in by phone to the office at 650-494- 0541

Please submit your pledge by March 3, 2019.

We are all in this together, for each other, our wider community, the country we love, and the beautiful earth.  Thank you for keeping UUCPA strong and vibrant!


Amy Zucker Morgenstern – Parish Minister

Sally Ahnger – Board Co-President

Robert Byrom – Board Co-President

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