Join me–be a Chalice Lighter!

Chalice Lighters is a program to help to spread the light of liberal religious values throughout our Pacific Central District. A few times a year, grants go from those who have agreed to be Chalice Lighters to a specific growth project, usually by a single congregation, occasionally by a multi-congregational initiative or a UU-affiliated organization.

Those eligible to apply for grants are member congregations in the Pacific Central District that are Honor Congregations in the UUA and PCD. Preference will go to those congregations with a higher participation rate as active Chalice Lighters. UUCPA is an Honor Congregation because we give our fair share to the UUA and district/region, but we have had a low participation rate in Chalice Lighters in recent years and you can help us to turn this around.

You can now have your gift automatically charged to your credit card or debited from your bank account each month. To set up automatic giving and also learn more about ways to be a Chalice Lighter, visit And to learn what it means to me to be a Chalice Lighter, ask me! –Amy