Last 3 Sessions of Rev. Amy’s Art Class: Exploring Mind, Hands, Spirit & Heart Through Art

Exploring Mind, Hands, Spirit & Heart Through Art

Each month on the first Sunday, you are welcome to join in a small-group session of spiritual exploration through art.

January 5th session: Home.

What does home mean to you? — your ideal home, your actual home, your future or past homes …? Starting with images of many kinds of homes, we’ll each make one that represents home for us. All people of any age or level of art experience are welcome.

February 2 And March 1 sessions: Masks.

It is no surprise that masks have played a role in spiritual practices for millennia, because they are powerfully evocative of spiritual processes. They allow us to channel the power of a guiding spirit; they hide aspects of ourselves that we are not ready to show to the world; they help us express aspects of ourselves that we are shy about revealing. No matter how honest we aspire to be, we all present a different self to the world than the one we carry within, and masks can help us explore this tension. This is a two-session class so that we can make plaster masks modeled on our own faces, let them dry, and then add colors, textures, and images during the second session. It is ideal to participate in both. However, if you can only come to the March session, there will be paper masks waiting for you to decorate. If you can only come to the February session, you may of course take your mask home and decorate it when it dries.

PLEASE NOTE that March’s class will be the last monthly gathering led by Amy. She will, however, lead occasional art-based spiritual explorations, such as mask-making, prayer beads, and coping with loss and grief through art, so watch this space!