Navigators is an all gender, secular scouting movement that welcomes all people — children and adults, no matter what gender, race, lifestyle, ability, religious or lack of religious belief. We believe the greatest challenge for the future of our planet is to learn how to get along with people different than ourselves. Click here to learn more about Navigators USA.

The UUCPA Navigators group meet 1st and 3rd Sundays at 11 am at UUCPA, unless we’re doing something special like camping or fishing.  People should ask (by emailing: to be added to our TeamSnap website for updates if they want to join. Generally, we meet mid-September to June but sometimes have special camping and rafting trips in the summer.

Past activities: indoor skydiving, cooking over the fire, zip lines, drones, make your own pizza, make your own jam, camping, starting fires without matches, fishing, archery, hikes, geocaching, rock climbing, Maker Faire, and white water rafting.

Generally, we do ages 7 and up.  Right now our oldest kids are 14.

Navigators, Palo Alto, Chapter 42: What We’re About

Experiential Learning

Kids spend enough time in lecture settings already


Competition can be great, but so are breaks to practice a different way of being

Age, gender, ability diversity

Learning how to work together with people of different abilities and interests

Parent-child bonding

Groups make family time more fun

Being active and getting into nature

It’s awesome

Some interaction with risk

Interaction with small risks (minor burns and cuts) makes for wiser kids

Preparation for a post-apocalyptic zombie-filled world

Just in case…

All are welcome!

All races, creeds, orientations.  You don’t have to be affiliated with UUCPA. Just email to ask to join.

Upcoming Navigator Meetings

Nothing scheduled at this time.