Looking good!

You may have noticed some projects at UUCPA that are increasing the beauty and sustainability of our community:

  • new furnishings in Room 10 that make it a warm, welcoming space for gathering
  • new carpets in Rooms A, 4/5, 6, 9, and 10, installed as carpet squares to make maintenance easier both environmentally and financially
  • the solar array covering the parking lot with carports that provide shade in the daytime, lights at night, and a boost to the region’s solar-energy use
  • the expanded solar array on our own Main Hall roof. Your wise and generous stewardship makes this possible in several ways. First, through your giving to your operating budget every year, which enables us to keep our commitment to operate in the black and not draw down our capital funds. Second, through your giving to capital funds – for example, in bequests and in gifts given in memoriam – which fund projects like this directly. Third, by your voting to expand our solar capacity and permit a solar energy company to put our parking lot to use. Fourth, through your funding of the salaries of church administrator Jeff Cashdollar and handyman/gardener James Nelson. And finally, thanks to the volunteer time of many folks at UUCPA: the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Green Sanctuary Committee, Aesthetics Committee, and congregational president Sally Ahnger.

Look around UUCPA’s campus for these examples of our love for the earth and this community in action, and for a bulletin board thanking all the volunteers by name.

—Rev. Amy