Main Hall Restrooms to Become Single-Use, All-Gender

The Board voted unanimously to make our main hall restrooms into single-use, all-gender bathrooms. This means that only one user (or one household) may use the restrooms at a time, and that users should lock the door when inside. This change accomplishes a few important goals: 

  • Creating a welcoming environment for all, including our transgender and non-binary members and guests, allowing them to comfortably use any restroom on our campus. 
  • Allowing families and caregivers to comfortably use any restroom, no matter their genders. 
  • Lowering the risk of COVID-transmission between households. 

While we understand this change will take some getting used to and may result in some waiting in line, the Board believes these minor inconveniences are a small price to pay for living our community’s values. 
For now, the only changes to the restrooms will be new signs and locks. Remodeling projects may be considered in the future. Contact if you would like to volunteer for such an effort.