Maker Kits Fundraiser – great gift idea!

Are your kids Zoomed out?  Could they use a creativity break?  Could *you* use a break?

For $10, distract your kids (or yourself!) with a Maker Kit.  We’re putting together kits of less-usual craft supplies (as pictured), along with links to an idea page—pictures of sample creations that can be made using the kit (and household items, like scissors)—and some (optional) creativity-driving prompts to help focus the making.  Share your creations with everyone at the end of the UUCPA Talent/No-Talent Holiday Fundraiser Show on Saturday, January 9th!

Let your children and grandchildren entertain themselves and exercise their imaginations, with nary a screen in sight.  What will your budding Leonardos create?  And what will you do with your free time while they’re busy creating? 🙂  (Perhaps our Talent/No-Talent Holiday Show?)  

Maker kits can also be great stocking stuffers!

The order form is at  Kits are available until we run out of supplies or until January 2, whichever comes first.  The kits can be picked up in Mountain View, or will be delivered the week of December 14th and the week of January 4th.  

Act now–the first dozen families to complete their order get…a bonus glue stick! 🙂

Questions? Contact: