May Justice Partner – American Muslim Voice

The Justice Partner for May, as chosen by the congregation at the annual meeting, is American Muslim Voice (AMV). AMV is a local grassroots, nonviolent, inclusive, civil, immigrant and human rights organization. AMV hosts open houses, peace picnics and peace conventions annually to unite neighbors and strangers alike, including the popular EID celebrations.  They also provide the Muslim perspective through teach-in opportunities at schools, colleges, universities, places of worship, and peace conventions

This Sunday, May 8th , Samina Sundas will speak in the service about AMV, and the entire offering collection that day will be donated to AMV. 

If you miss the service on May 8th, you may make a donation at any time during May.  You may also make a donation by mailing a check to the office.  Please make checks payable to UUCPA, put “Justice Partner” in the memo line, and mail to UUCPA, 505 E. Charleston Rd, Palo Alto, 94304.  UUCPA is proud to support such a valuable community organization.

Thank you,

UUCPA Action Council