Media take notice of UUCPA’s Safe Parking Program

The media were busy at UUCPA this week! First there was this article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

He wanted to let homeless neighbors sleep in cars outside his Palo Alto church. It started a two-year battle by Lauren Hepler, October 26, 2021

If you can’t access that link, here’s the same article in PDF form.

And then NBC Bay Area picked up the story:

Thank you to Chris Kan, Sean Hansen for creating signs, Eric Bier for supplying key materials, the Building & Grounds Saturday work day crew in October, the UUCPA Action Council, Rev. Dan Harper, Brooke Bishara for keeping good communication open with Stevenson House leaders, Linda Henigin for organizing visits to city councilmembers, and everyone at UUCPA who showed up and spoke up for our principles of equity and compassion.

For more information on the Safe Parking Program, please e-mail