Midweek meditation: What celebration belongs on your calendar?

In last Sunday’s sermon, “Lima Bean Respect Day and Other Neglected Celebrations,” I asked about something you value and wish to honor with your attention that doesn’t show up in the civic or religious calendar. Animated conversations followed, as people paired up and talked about what is important to them

Two of the things that are most important to me, and too neglected in my rush through my days, are making art and observing nature. As soon as I articulated this, I knew the perfect day to celebrate them: the birthday of the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. His attention to nature and creation of art make him one of my favorite artists. I’ve now looked it up and have added “Art and Nature Day” to my electronic calendar so that I will honor them with my time this July 26 and every July 26.

After the service, a few people told me what holiday would appear on their personal calendars. A few others chimed in in support of lima beans. But most of us only heard from one other person. So, the comments section is open! What are you marking in your own personal liturgical year?