New Justice Partners for March and April

The Action Council is pleased to announce two new Justice Partners for the final two months of our church fiscal year, March and April.  Unfortunately, the partner chosen by the congregation for March, UUs Ending Modern Slavery, has decided to cease operations and is no longer raising money.  The partner for April was scheduled to be an organization chosen by the Green Sanctuary Committee (GSC).  For various reasons, the GSC choice,  Earthjustice, will be the justice partner for March instead.   The Action Council has chosen American Muslim Voice to be the justice partner for April.
Earthjustice, the March justice partner chosen by the Green Sanctuary Committee, is a San Francisco-based, highly rated charitable organization that provides legal representation to protect the health of the earth.  The slogan, “because the earth needs a good lawyer,” aptly describes the work: represent the earth—including its air, water, flora and fauna—to protect it from degradation of all kinds.  This work is especially valuable as the Administration in Washington, DC, takes actions designed to reverse protections and enable degradation.  In accordance with the church’s new policy of donating one Sunday’s plate collection to our justice partner, the collection on March 4 will be donated to Earthjustice.
The American Muslim Voice Foundation (AMV) is a local organization established in July of 2003 as a grassroots, nonviolent, inclusive, civil, immigrant and human rights organization. AMV builds alliances & genuine partnerships with like-minded groups and individuals with the goal of uniting all under the umbrella of our common humanity. AMV celebrates diversity and values all human beings regardless of race, religion, social status or creed.  AMV hosts open houses, peace picnics and peace conventions annually to unite neighbors and strangers alike.  They also provide the Muslim perspective through teach-in opportunities at schools, colleges, universities, places of worship, and peace conventions.  AMV hosts the popular annual EID celebrations that offer the community an opportunity to learn about Muslim holiday celebrations.
In other news, the Green Sanctuary Committee’s project to install a solar emergency microgrid on the Migrant Health Clinic in the western region of Maricao, Puerto Rico, has been fully funded.  UUCPA raised $1080 toward this project during our auction.   The system will include 6kW of solar photovoltaic panels and a battery back-up system that will generate 30% of the electricity needed for the Migrant Health Clinic.
Nominations for 2018-19 Justice Partners will open soon.  Please keep watch for announcements about the nominating process and nominate your favorite cause.
If you have any questions, please talk to a member of the Action Council:
Edie Keating, Kristi Iverson, Sally Ahnger, Karen Skold, Tina Kochel, Jeb Eddy, and Jane Glauz