News for Children and Youth Religious Education (CYRE)

Mr. Barb Greve, who had been our sabbatical religious educator, will be rejoining us at UUCPA, filling in as Religious Education Assistant while we search for a permanent replacement for former RE Assistant Hong Bui. I’m especially pleased at this news, not only because Barb is so experienced, but also because I’ve been having some respiratory illness this spring and am behind in administrative tasks. It’s good to have Barb back with us.

In other news, we have two intergenerational services that are worth bringing your children to. First, there’s Flower Communion on May 13. During this enjoyable service, everyone brings a flower to share, and takes home a different flower than they brought. This is a uniquely Unitarian Universalist service, with its roots in the 20th century Unitarian church of Czechoslovakia between the two worlds wars.

Second, there’s the Coming of Age service on May 20, during which this year’s Coming of Age participants give their “credos,” or statements of religious identity. We do not schedule any programs during the Coming of Age service because parents have asked us not to — many parents want their children to see the “big kids” lead the worship service, knowing that today’s children will someday be those big kids. We will have child care available for younger children who need to move around.

We don’t offer any religious education programs for children or teens over Memorial Day weekend, except for child care. But I look forward to June Sundays, which will begin with a chance for kids to participate in an evaluation of Sunday school, and go on to lots of fun Sunday activities during the summer. —Dan Harper