Nominations Open for 2021-2022 Justice Partners (due Mar 6)

Each month the Church supports a social justice organization by donating one Sunday’s plate collection to the organization.  Nominations and support for existing partners for the 2021-22 FY should be sent to the action council (email or phone an action council member) before Sat, Mar 6.

Congregants are invited to propose organizations for inclusion in the program.  The Action Council will review the current and proposed recipients and present a slate of partners for 2021-22 at the Annual Meeting on April 25 for a congregational vote.

Factors that are given priority in creating the slate of organizations are: 

  • UUCPA congregants actively involved with the group;
  • A preference for local groups;
  • Who they serve and what they do;
  • What is their funding base and will our donation have an impact;
  • A balance of causes among different issues, such as poverty, environment, etc.

For nominations of new organizations, please provide information to help the Action Council with our decision, including:

  • Organization name and location;
  • Organization website;
  • Who they serve and what they do;
  • Your relationship with the group.

UUCPA is supporting the following organizations for the current fiscal year (2020-21):

  • UU The Vote
  • Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity
  • California Clean Money Campaign
  • Abilities United
  • Hotel de Zink
  • South Bay Sanctuary Covenant
  • American Muslim Voice
  • Outlet
  • Ada’s Cafe
  • California Interfaith Power and Light
  • Heart and Home
  • Community Health Awareness Council

More information is on the website:

Thank you from Action Council: Kristi Iverson (Chair), Edie Keating, Sally Ahnger, Karen Skold, Tina Kochel, Jane Glauz, Jessica Martin