Notification of Safe Parking Endorsement Request

This message is to notify you that the Action Council and the UUCPA Safe Parking Committee have requested a letter from the church be sent to the Palo Alto City Council in support of the permit UUCPA has applied which would allow four-passenger cars to park overnight in our parking lot.  For background on this request and the Safe Parking Program, please see this related document.

Request to Board of Trustees:

The following draft letter will be voted on at the July 28 Board meeting:

“We, the Board and congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, strongly urge the Palo Alto City Council to support the Safe Parking Program permit for our church, following the recommendation of the city staff.  This program will enhance safety in our community by helping people on our streets into permanent housing and employment. Palo Alto should support this evidence-based initiative that is an ethical and effective means of supporting vulnerable citizens.”

If you have questions or concerns about this request for endorsement, please contact the Safe Parking Committee ( or the Board ( no later than Wednesday, July 28.

Additional Request to the Congregation:

Please consider writing to the city council supporting our permit whether you work, live or attend church in Palo Alto. You can find recommended language below you can modify to email the council. Please also consider calling them at the numbers listed below. We recommend adding a personal touch to any written or verbal communications. 

Dear [Mayor, Vice-Mayor, Councilmember],

I am a citizen of Palo Alto and I am writing to support the UUCPA’s permit application to start a safe parking program. The program will help ensure the safety of all residents and address the homeless crisis in our city. I strongly urge you to support the UUCPA since they are following a proven methodology that has a strong local and national track record in helping people into homes. Getting vulnerable people housed keeps them from sleeping on our streets or in our parks which makes our entire community safer, cleaner, and healthier.

[(Optional) Personal anecdote or a story from your neighborhood/community]


[Your Name]

Tom DuBois (Mayor) 377-8455 (c)
Pat Burt (Vice Mayor) 892-0925 (c)
Alison 329-2480 (c)
Eric 329-2162 (c)
Lydia 308-9893 (c)
Greer 575-0405 (c)
Greg 968-9436 (c)