Obtaining Audio Recordings of Sunday Services

—Maribea Berry and Heather Chen

There is a new procedure for providing audio recordings of Sunday Services. If you want a recording only of the sermon, it will be available for listening and/or downloading on the website within a few days of the day of the service. Access the sermon here: http://www. uucpa.org/worship/past-worship-services/ and select the sermon you wish to hear.

Heather Chen (via web@uucpa.org) gets the sermon from the second (11 am) service and posts to the website. Sermons for visiting worship leaders are only posted if permission to post online is obtained.

  • If you wish to listen to other parts or the entire service, please send an email message to audio-recordings@uucpa.org and request the service by the specific date, e.g. February 4 Service.
    • Within a few days, you will receive a message granting you access to a Dropbox folder for the particular service you have requested. You will not be able to access this folder unless you have Dropbox account (basic one is free) and you have received a message to grant access.
    • Note that the procedure must be followed for each Sunday service you wish to listen to because the music performed by the choir, by special musicians and the congregation may necessitate restricted distribution because of copyrights.
    • Note also that because of space limitations the full recordings of a Sunday Service will be available for approximately a month following the service and then be deleted from Dropbox. CD recordings will no longer be produced.

The Caring and Sharing portion of both services get sent to Sara Newcomb (via joyconcern@uucpa.org).