One-stop Shop for Announcements:

In an effort to streamline church communications, please email all announcements to This includes Newsletter/Bulletin, Announce list, Order of Service and Pulpit announcements, etc. This will ensure that all of the stakeholders are notified.

When you send your announcement, please include:

  • Title/Subject
  • Announcement Text (include event location and timing information if relevant)
  • Contact Person Name and email (to include in the announcement)
  • Optionally, where to publicize (one or more of the following: Announce (email list), Order of Service, Pulpit Announcement, Newsletter/The Bulletin, Website:, Social Media, Other (please specify).
  • Optionally, when to publicize (if you want something published in the next 2 bulletins or through a certain date)

Please check the website ( for the deadlines of the various publicity outlets.