Online gallery opening: Chaz Cassel

Welcome to this gallery of photographers by the gifted Chaz Cassel! Chaz has been a member of UUCPA since childhood and has often been spotted behind the soundboard on a Sunday, behind a djembe with his son during services, or leading activities at the annual Bass Lake Church Camp Weekend. His job for the County of Santa Clara Department of Parks and Recreation takes him all over Stevens Creek County Park. He brings with him his camera, a keen eye, and the patience to approach wild creatures without frightening them into flight. Enjoy!

For many years, UUCPA’s Main Hall lobby has been a gallery for community artists from within and outside the congregation. The online version of this feature began with work by the Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale in June, 2020, and we would love to share the artwork of other members. Your suggestions for artists, including yourself, are welcome: e-mail Amy Morgenstern,