Pickup Orchestra: All levels And Instruments Welcome

Pickup Orchestra:

All levels And Instruments Welcome

Saturday, May 30, 2015, 2-5 pm; Fireside Room
Contact is Mike Cudahy
Come on, all you musicians, it’s time to tune your strings, dust off your reeds, rosin your bow, grease your corks, and oil your valves. Join us for a Saturday afternoon to have some fun playing music. We’ll bring the music; you bring your instrument and play. If you have one, bring your music stand, too; if not, we’ll have extras.

We’ll have sheet music for instruments in various keys: everything from violin to cello, flute to bassoon, trumpet to saxophone. The music will be easy. All ages welcome, as long as you can play a little and can read some easy music. If you are interested, contact Mike Cudahy so that I will know how many copies of each part we’ll need.

If you need to get the music to practice, please contact Mike. The office has contact information. See you there!