Planning To Add Meditation In 2019?

Are you planning to try or increase your meditation practice with the new year? UUCPA offers two regular times to practice, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Saturday Meditation – 9 to 10:30 am, Room 6

Leadership is shared and rotates weekly. If you have questions, contact Marilyn Stoddard (
Registration is not required
The Saturday morning meditation group welcomes all to join us for meditation, tea, and conversation. Meditation time begins promptly at 9:10 and lasts for 40 minutes, including several short readings. Next we share tea and conversation, talking about what is import- ant to us in the moment — perhaps our response to the readings or something that is going on in our lives.

Sunday Meditation – 9:30 to 10:30 am, Library

This meditation opportunity is open to all UUCPA participants. Those who already meditate regularly may use it as a time and place to pursue their regular practice. Those for whom meditation is new may use this as a way to try it out, under the guidance of an experienced fellow UU. In order to make this meditation time accessible to people with other Sunday morning commitments (e.g. The Forum) there will be a break at a TB announced time to allow quiet entrance and exit for participants who need to do so. Use the Church Library entrance and exit only via side door (across from bathrooms).