Reminders for check-in and proxies for Oct 14 Special Congregation Meeting

As you know, we will be having a special congregational meeting on Sunday, October 14 to discuss whether or not to change our name, and if so to what.  This is a reminder that check-in for the meeting will start at 12:45 – not earlier – and the meeting will start at 1:00 pm.  Please be courteous of the check-in staff and do not ask to check in prior to 12:45.
If you cannot make the meeting and plan to have someone vote on your behalf, you are highly encouraged to find your proxy holder and submit the proxy form to the office no later than 11:00 am on Sunday, October 14.  While proxies can be accepted just prior to the start of the meeting, last minute proxy submissions can significantly slow down the check-in process.  Your cooperation in this regard would be much appreciated!