Report Of Actions At Annual Meeting

At the Annual Meeting, April 19, members approved the following:

  • Minutes of the Annual Meeting, April 2014
  • Election of Aliana Miller, Edie Keating, Jeb Eddy and Mark Erickson to 3-year terms on the Board of Trustees
  • Election of Edie Eddy and Esa Jacobi to two-year terms on the Nominations Committee
  • Election of Barbara Schonborn, Karen Skold, Melissa Thomson and Shannon Casey as delegates to GA 2015
  • Election of Melissa Thomson as delegate to PCD AssemblyA budget for operations in FY 15-16 of ~$690K
  • A capital spending plan of $129K
  • The ordination of Melissa Thomson as minister
  • Twelve justice partners for FY 15-16
  • Proposed revisions to Bylaws to clarify language on affiliation with UUCPA and on social/political actions, with an amendment to permit “Lifetime Members” to vote
  • A resolution granting groups in the church the ability to repre- sent the congregation on responsible matters for ameliorating climate change

I will offer a full report in connection with my monthly Board report.

— Bill Hilton, Board President