Ride Along Volunteers Needed

UUCPA would like to help people that need a ride to Church connect with people that are willing provide a ride for them. We are recruiting volunteers that are willing to provide rides for non-drivers to and fromchurch. The driver would only drive someone on a Sunday that he/she is available and only for the time frame of the service or meeting that the driver plans to attend.

How will this work? Volunteer drivers will receive a reminder email every Friday asking if they are available to give a ride to and from Church and also what time frame they’re planning to be at Church (Forum, 9:30 am service or 11:00 am service). If the volunteer is available, he/she will reply to the Ride Along Coordinator who will match the driver up with a rider that lives along the driver’s route to Church and will also provide the rider’s contact information. The driver will then contact the rider to check whether the rider would like to go to Church that Sunday and if so, arrange pickup. If the driver is not available, no reply to the reminder email is needed. Drivers will only be providing rides when they’re available. If you would like to be a driver or need more information, please contact the Ride Along Coordinator Elaine Dodd at doddem@pacbell.net.