Robert Neff

Why do I come to UUCPA?

Good morning.  I’m Robert Neff, and I’ve been coming to UUCPA for almost 19 years.  We started coming in 2001 when Nancy and I were looking for a community for us and our family.

I love being part of this community — there is so much ability here, and so much sharing.  Some of us work the audio, some lead CRE classes, some are organizers for the forum, some of us are cooks for 2nd Sunday lunch, Nancy and Glenda garden, some share as worship associates, and I can help, too, where my talents are useful.  I enjoy being a part of this whole.

One area that I treasure at UUCPA is the music program, in all its aspects.  In the choir we commit the time to sing every Sunday, and, with Bruce and Veronika, it is a chance to learn how to sing well, and to blend in a group.  I find group singing a joy to do, so I also sing with other groups — The By Your Side singers do pastoral singing for members of the congregation, and it also provides loving support to its own members.   The Sunday afternoon Harmonic Circle group is a friendly group where any willing singer can sing, and occasional attendance is OK.

A second area I have come to value is teaching OWL, the Our Whole Lives human sexuality program, and, after training, I am in my second year as a leader for the Senior High class.  I wish I had done this a long time ago! I’ve found that when I teach human sexuality, with a planned curriculum, discussions and activity are much easier than just winging it as a self-conscious parent.  Also, I hope we can get an adult OWL class going again – I didn’t realize what I was missing when I skipped it the first time.

I’m glad to be here with all of you.  See you all around our campus.