Sabbatical Update

The UUCPA Board has approved a sabbatical for Dan Harper, our Associate Minister of Religious Education, from October 1, 2017, through February 28, 2018.

Two committees have been chosen to make the sabbatical go smoothly. One committee has been charged with hiring a part-time staff person to fill in while Dan is on sabbatical. They are hard at work identifying candidates, and will be conducting interviews with some great candidates in the coming weeks. Members of the hiring committee are Sally Ahnger (UUCPA Board president), Heather Chen (member of the CYRE Committee), Audrey Erbes (Member of the UUCPA Board), Robert Neff (Sunday school teacher and youth advisor), and Tessa Swartz (youth representative).

The second committee, the Sabbatical Committee, is charged with communicating with the congregation about Dan’s sabbatical. A brochure explaining the details of the sabbatical is coming soon, and we will be available to answer questions about the sabbatical through the coming year. The members of the Sabbatical Commit- tee are Wynne Furth (member of the Adult RE Committee), Emma Grant-Bier (youth representative), Edie Keating (member of the CYRE Committee), and M. Scott (member of the Committee on Ministry).