Sacred Text Reading Group: Discussions of Abu Zayd on interpretation, Proverbs on wisdom, Jan 8 & 12

Every Saturday and Wednesday, we hold an hour-long group spiritual practice of reading and talking about a short text that touches on big questions. Members of the group choose the readings each time, based on what they think will prompt an interesting conversation. You are warmly welcome to join any session.

The following links give all the information about signing on via Zoom, and some background on the texts.

Sacred Text Reading Group (Abu Zayd, Saturday, January 8 at 4 pm)–Abu Zayd was a liberal Islamic theologian who died several years ago. Here he talks about how a text that is presented as divine becomes human and subject to interpretation.

Sacred Text Reading Group (Proverbs, Wednesday, January 12 at 12 noon)–in this passage, Wisdom speaks in the persona of a woman.

Take care,Amy