Safe Parking Program Endorsed by UUCPA Board

This message is to notify you that on July 28 the Board of Trustees of UUCPA unanimously approved sending a letter of support for the UUCPA Safe Parking program to the Palo Alto City Council on behalf of the Board and the entire congregation.  For background on this request and the Safe Parking Program, please see this related document.

The following letter was approved by the Board:

We, the Board of Trustees and the Congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto, strongly urge the Palo Alto City Council to support the Safe Parking Program permit for our church, following the recommendation of the city staff.  This program will enhance safety in our community by helping people on our streets into permanent housing and employment. Palo Alto should support this evidence-based initiative that is an ethical and effective means of supporting vulnerable citizens.

UUCPA’s permit application will be discussed at the August 9th meeting of the Palo Alto City Council.  Please see the separate request for expressions of support from the congregation.

For questions, please contact the Safe Parking Committee (