A few spaces are still available: Save the Bay Project for UUCPA on October 23

There are still a few participant spaces open so please register by October 15, or earlier if possible.

Learn about our fragile SF Bay environment, and help save it at the same time. Save The Bay (https://savesfbay.org/) has been working for 60 years to restore the Bay wetlands, and to engage the public in that effort too.

Join us on Saturday, October 23 for 3 hours starting at 9 am at their nursery in the Bedwell Bayfront Park in Menlo Park (Marsh Rd exit from 101, just north of the Dumbarton Bridge).  This is a private program for UUCPA members and friends and their families.  Participation is limited to 15 people. Anyone needing verification of volunteer hours, such as students, can get that. 

Two Save The Bay staff members will facilitate this program, and will meet us in the parking lot of Bedwell Bayfront Park. From there, we will walk to the nursery site, as cars are not allowed past the gates. At the nursery we will be weeding inside and outside of the beds pulling clover, mustard, cud weed etc. and bagging them to be taken off site. We will also be collecting seeds from and pruning the native plants inside the beds. These seeds will be used to propagate more individual plants and the pruning will encourage the plants to grow more roots. If plants are ready, we will be digging out some of that root material and loading it into their trucks/trailers to be driven later to the restoration site on the southwest side of the park.

All Save The Bay staff are fully vaccinated. All participants are required to wear masks. We will be working outside and the nursery will allow everyone to spread out.

For more information and to register, please contact Chris Cassell at chriscassell@uucpa.org.