Sexton schedule

Whereas we once had a full-time sexton, we now have our terrific Enrique only 20 hours a week (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) and a cleaning service that comes on Thursdays and Sundays. This can put an extra cleanup burden on you as a hardworking volunteer: dishes that you might once have left in the kitchen for staff to do might sit there for a few days. We want to make things easier for you while also leaving the kitchen shipshape for Thacher, the day care that has been such a faithful and helpful tenant.
So if you have dishes from your event and you can’t arrange for someone in your group to clean up before going home, please just put the dishes into a tub of soapy water (we will try to leave one for you) and drop a line to the office giving us a heads up. Or if they want to learn how to run the dishwasher (a task I personally enjoy because our industrial dishwasher is a seriously fun machine), just ask me. Thanks! –Amy, head of staff