Signature Drive April 12th for AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act

Our congregation voted 3 years ago to endorse legislation that would put the actual funders of political ads clearly on the ads.  Working to accomplish this the California Clean Money Campaign has sponsored a new bill, AB 700, the California DISCLOSE Act of 2015.  Even though most of you have signed a petition of support in the past (or signed online), we need your fresh signature on a paper petition that says you are asking the legislature to pass AB 700. Then the Assembly Elections Committee will count it and report the number to the whole Assembly — and they only count paper signatures, not online ones.

Please stop by the Action Council table and sign the AB 700 petition this Sunday, April 12th.

Better yet, print one and get 5 signatures and bring it to church for me!  Petition is here:

Signature collection will continue throughout the legislative session, but the ones we get by mid-April will be counted by the Assembly Elections Committee for AB 700’s first vote.