Single-Use Plastics to Disappear from UUCPA Campus

We have all seen heartbreaking photos of plastic pollution. It’s ugly and harms wildlife. Even theoretically recyclable plastic ends up in landfills and the ocean. Each of us can do our part to reduce this ugly waste. In March the UUCPA Board approved a policy to phase out single use plastics on the UUCPA campus. 

“Vision: UUCPA will do its part to stem the tide of plastic waste on our campus and the wider world.

Policy: People who plan group activities on our campus shall reduce or eliminate single-use plastic wherever possible. This includes both UUCPA and non-UUCPA groups.“

Now that we are returning to campus, it is time to flesh out the details of how that will apply to church activities. Here are some things we all can do. On campus (and at home) avoid using or purchasing single use plastic items such as dishes, cutlery, water bottles, cups, and straws, even if they claim to be recyclable (many really aren’t). Instead, use reusable service items personally and at events, like reusable water bottles and washable plates and utensils from the kitchen. Bring your own plates and utensils to potlucks. When it is not feasible to use reusable items, use compostable items. We had already started doing this before we shut down, i.e. using rice fettuccini coffee stirrers. What other imaginative ideas can you come up with? Be aware that plastic coating on paper items makes them not compostable.

Please don’t bring bottled water to campus. The Hetch Hetchy water that comes through our taps is cheaper, tastes better, and is just as clean. You will find pitchers and washable cups in the kitchen.

The policy applies to groups, both UUCPA groups and renters, but we can implement it as individuals as well as group leaders. Thank you from the Green Sanctuary Committee for doing your part to reduce plastic waste.