Special ARE class series in January – Please register

Rev John Buehrens is the retired senior minister of the UU church in San Francisco.  After the last time he gave a guest sermon at UUCPA, numerous members of our congregation asked  the ARE Committee to arrange for him to teach a class for us.  We have finally accomplished that! 

On the four Wednesday evenings in January, from 7:30 to 9:00,  Rev  Buehrens will teach a class via zoom entitled Transcendentalism: Then and Now. He will identify contemporary issues as well as explore the pioneering efforts of our spiritual forbears in spiritual practice, women’s rights, anti-racism, and ecotheology.  All four sessions will include both lecture and discussion.  Those wishing to attend should email are@uucpa.org in order to receive the zoom link.

Although it is not required, helpful background reading for the course is Rev. Buehrens recent book, Conflagration: How the Transcendentalists Sparked the American Struggle for Racial, Gender, and Social Justice (Boston: Beacon Press, Jan. 2020).  The paperback edition of this book will be available in Jan, 2021 from Beacon Press or the UUA Bookstore.

The UUCPA website includes additional background information about Dr. Buehrens as well as the specific topics of each class session.