Special Day @ UUCPA for UU the Vote – March 1, 2020

March 1 is a special day for the UU the Vote campaign.  Along with Amy’s sermon on how our religious, spiritual and philosophical values guide us as we vote and as we do advocacy for issues we care about, you will have an opportunity to put your values into action on the patio today after each service. 

There will be tables for writing postcards to voters of color who have been removed from voter rolls in a number of states, to let them know they may be “de-registered” and tell them how to re-register. 

There will also be tables for writing get-out-the-vote letters to traditionally under-represented registered voters who are unlikely to vote. 

You will also find voting materials from San Mateo and Santa Clara County and some fun voter stickers to wear. 

Come join us and put your values into action today!