Special Thanks to Dick Clark for Years of Service on The Bulletin

Endless thanks from all of us to Dick Clark, Editor Extraordinaire, Paragon of Patience, Gracious Grammarian, Lord of Layout, Composed Compositor of Crucial Congregational Communication. He has produced The Bulletin week in, week out, for mumbledy-mumble years, bringing us the news, bringing us together, and at his request, we are reluctantly allowing him to set down his blue pen.

We wish you a long and happy retirement, Dick!

In early 1996 the call went out for someone to take on The Bulletin. He answered the call in March 1996. The master copy of the early issues were produced by cut and paste (really cut and paste), but he quickly switched to using computer layout software. For the most part, copy came in on typed sheets dropped off in the church office. Some were hand-written notes. Email input became popular very quickly.

For some time, The Bulletin was the primary means of communication, supplemented by announcements during Sunday services. Dick wants to stop now because he finds the deadlines (every two weeks) seem to appear much faster than they used to and communications for the congregation via email and internet postings are very effective and readily available. He states that everyone really made his job easier, always understanding when glitches or misspellings did occur. These were minimized with the help of Glenda Jones, proofreader, supporter, and oh yes, his wife.

He wishes the best to those picking up whatever form The Bulletin takes in the future. And Dick thanks all the office staff through the years and a special thanks to Debra Heinz and Jeff Cashdollar for pulling it all together numerous times.