Spring project: “Nature Fun”

From March 31 through May 5, the 9:30 a.m. kids program will focus on “Nature Fun.” All ages from grades K-5 will meet together, and kids will decide which Nature Fun activity they would like to try that week. Middle schoolers in grades 6-8 are invited to assist in leading activities. It is rumored that Trash Man, an evil genius who spreads yucky trash everywhere, may visit Nature Fun, although we are sure he will be defeated by Eco Super Hero.

To whet your appetite for Nature Fun, here are the activities that will be offered:

• Cooking with Natural Ingredients, with Ed Vail

• Outdoor Cooking, with Dan Harper, assisted by Gen Thesen and Joanna Ragsdale

• Building Fires Safely, with Jenny Robertson
• Ecojustice Theatre, with Lynn Grant and Emma Grant-Bier
• Printing with Plants, with Maria Almli
• Plant Pictures, with Francesca Finch
• Nature Scavenger Hunt, with Edie Keating
• And more
Not every activity will be offered every week — so make sure you come every week so you can try as many activities as possible.