Staying connected during COVID-19

Dear UUCPA folks,
Being a network of interconnection, as UUCPA is, is a mixed blessing at this moment. On the one hand, we don’t want to be a disease vector when the best way to keep this virus from reaching the most vulnerable people is “social distancing.” On the other hand, this is a time when we all particularly need the social closeness, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual grounding that UUCPA provides. So please be assured: no matter what in-person events we may cancel, we are still here. In-person, by phone, or online, UUCPA’s will be here for you. Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Please make liberal use of the pastoral emergency line during this time. Consider it bumped up from “emergency room” to “walk-in clinic”: a way to reach your ministers when it’s something short of a crisis but too important to wait for us to get to our e-mail.
  2. I and the Caring Network, plus other volunteers, are making check-in calls to about 70 members and friends who may be particularly at risk (we don’t know everyone’s age and health condition, but we’re basically thinking: in one’s 70s and/or immune-compromised). If you can make a few of these calls, please drop a line to If you know someone (including yourself) who needs such a call and we might not know it, tell us that too. In other words, no need to tell us about your 90-year-old friend from women’s group, because she’s already on the list, but your 60-year-old friend with asthma might have escaped our attention.
  3. Speaking of which, please reach out to members of your UUCPA groups.
  4. Offer yourself as personal tech support for someone who is new to online chatting, and if you need help, let Dan know. We’ll send out instructions on how to access the service, which will again be available via Zoom this Sunday, but you can begin now by going to and clicking on the “Sign up, it’s free” button on the upper right. That way, if you run into any complications, you’ll know now instead of Sunday morning. You can also phone in to Zoom gatherings with an ordinary phone.

Thanks for your patience as we all get up to speed!