Staying happy, healthy, comfortable and well-fed at UUCPA this Sunday (March 8)

Dear UUCPA folks,
You may know that the county has recommended cancelling mass gatherings. As things stand, we are going to keep holding services. So here are some important notes.

Staying happy

We know that some folks can’t risk being in a crowd at the moment. We don’t want you to miss services and the UUCPA community for even one week, let alone many! So please do catch the service and keep connected that way. We do not yet have livestreaming capability, but the service is available over the internet shortly after it ends. Please write to giving the date and time of the service you want to hear, and they’ll send you a link.

If you are at UUCPA but avoiding the Main Hall, you can hear the service anywhere on campus in two ways: (1) request an assistive-listening device, or (2) tune in 88.7 FM. Most smartphones act as radios with the downloading of this app, which, by the way, is a good thing to have in case of emergency. (Unless there’s an update I’m not aware of, Apple phones don’t have this capability.)

If you can’t attend and have a joy or sorrow you’d like the community to share, please send it to me. And if the Caring Network can organize meals or give you a phone visit, let me know that too.

Staying healthy

While here, you may want to avoid handshaking and handholding. Bows and elbow touches are good substitutes, which I’ll be employing myself, because otherwise, shaking dozens of people’s hands, I can become a real germ vector. I may also greet you with a Vulcan hand salute. ?

The restrooms are freshly stocked with soap, and hand sanitizer will also be available.

Staying comfortable

It was cold in the Main Hall last week! Our congregational administrator, Jeff Cashdollar, has tracked down the problem: it’s with the thermostat, and we’re working on replacing it. Watch this space.

And… staying well-fed.

Second Sunday Lunch is on and the cooks are practiced in food safety. All surfaces are sterilized before they begin, and any volunteer who is coughing or sneezing is thanked and sent home to recover! This is always the case, but even more important with Covid-19 in the county.