Steward of the Month for April

Our Steward of the Month for April is Ed Vail!


Thanks go to Ed for his amazing leadership of the Navigators chapter founded and hosted by UUCPA. Navigators USA is a bias-free, co-ed scouting program for kids age seven and up, whose mission is “to teach future generations how to navigate the challenges of living outdoors while navigating the conflicts that arise through human interaction. By teaching the young how to think for themselves while collaborating with others they can achieve anything.” Some of the programs Ed has led this year: hiking; campout at church; geocaching; making fire without matches; splitting wood, building a campfire, and cooking over the fire; and Ultimate Frisbee. To learn more, inquire at


On the Honor Roll this month: Nathan Harris founded our Navigators chapter, Chapter 42 . . . Jeneen Nammar is Church Liaison for the Navigators . . . Randy Helmonds teaches High Power Rocketry to the Senior Navigators . . . . . . Brooke Bishara and Edie Keating provided delicious brunchy snacks on Easter . . . Barbara Symons provides bagels on the patio regularly . . . Eric Bier, Robert Neff and Paul Kostka led Maypole and Morris dancing for our Mayday festivities . . . The Judaean Village got special visits from Mike Abraham, Paul Kostka, Tessa Swartz, and Karl Swartz . . . Susan Owicki coordinated countless details for the Annual Meeting . . . Larry Seiders and Carol McIntosh pruned plants in the Til Evans Garden . . . Glenda Jones put on her gardening gloves and spiffed up the patio area . . . Alan Miller, Peggy Marks, Edith Drewek, Dick Duda and Sally Ahnger brought in DISCLOSE Act petitions . . .


For Second Sunday Lunch, Michael Plass rolled 19 pie crusts and blanched 5 lbs of broccoli . . . Erin Fishman made the potatoes, soup, and fruit possible . . . Marilyn Stoddard prepared the veggie tray . . . Edie Keating recruited volunteers, chopped vegetables, and set up the Fireside Room . . . Emma Grant-Bier and Francesca Finch carried 120 plates and bowls and many other items . . . Pamela Schure was custodian of the quiches and bar cookies . . . Susan Owicki washed lots and lots of pots and pans . . . Robert Neff was dishwasher extraordinaire . . . Pam Vorce was the dish-drying demon for Second Sunday Lunch, drying 90-plus place settings . . . and Esa Jacobi mopped the kitchen floor!


How do people get listed here? There are two steps. (1) They do something to help make life at UUCPA terrific. (2) Someone sends Amy their name. Notice someone making our community all that we want it to be? Drop a note to!