Successful UU the Vote Effort on Sunday on March 1, 2020! 

Thanks to Amy’s excellent sermon, UUCPA’s UU the Vote leaders (Elsa Schafer, Anne Frahn, Linda Henigin and Kristi Iverson) and the rousing music of our guest musician, Brad Handshy, we had a very energetic day on Sunday, focused on how to bring our UU values into the world by voting our values and helping others to do the same. 

Thanks to the many people who wrote letters and postcards on the patio during the morning and all the way into the early afternoon! We estimate about 70 people participated over the course of the day. Over 400 postcards were written to de-registered voters of color! And we ran out of get-out-the-vote letters when we hit 200!

A great effort by all!  Thank you!!!