Summer BBQs To Begin On Memorial Day

The Summer BBQs are set to begin Memorial Day in the McFadden Patio/ Til Evans Garden in the right rear portion of the church campus. They will be held EVERY Friday night, unless noted, until Labor Day. Attendance is open to all. You do not have to be a church member to attend, so you can invite neighbors, friends and even visitors.

The BBQ holiday schedule is a bit different this year:
Memorial Day: the BBQ will be held on Monday May 25. Independence Day: since it falls on a Saturday, we will vote as to whether we want to have the BBQ then, or on the previous evening, Friday July 3, the observed day.

Labor Day: BBQ will be on the holiday, Monday, September 7. There will be no BBQ on the previous Friday, September 4.

Folks are requested to bring their own entrée as well as a side dish
to share. Entrées are usually thrown on the grills around 6:15 pm with dining starting at about 6:30 pm. A donation of $3 each or $6 per family is suggested to cover the cost of incidentals, but don’t ever let this stand in the way of your attendance. We would rather have you there. You might also consider bringing your own picnic plates, cups, utensils, and place mats, rather than use our paper and plastic ware. We take turns doing set-up and clean up.

These BBQs have no agenda beyond having a pleasant shared open-air meal with family and friends, old and new. This is a great excuse to get out of the kitchen and enjoy the evening zephyrs under the trees. All topics are open for discussion, although really boring ones are received with less enthusiasm. In other words, discourage me from talking.

— I look forward to seeing you there, Bob Greene