Summer Sunday school schedule

Summer Sunday school is more like summer camp than Sunday school, with fun activities that often emphasize being part of a cooperative group. All ages from gr. K-8 are invited to join in. Middle schoolers make take on leadership roles by helping the lead teacher. High school students are always welcome to participate as co-teachers with the lead teacher. Summer Sunday school is a great way for kids to meet other kids of all ages, and it helps us towards one of our four major educational goals of building community.

Here are the planned activities that we’ll do in summer Sunday school:

June 30: Edie Keating will lead charades and other fun games.

July 7: Edie Keating will take everyone on a field trip to Mitchell Park (permission forms required, as we will be going off campus).

July 14: Kids help Edie Keating and other adults make Second Sunday Lunch.

July 21: Edie Keating, assisted by Dan Harper, will show how to decorate jars to make an attractive container.

July 28: Paul Kostka, assisted by Dan Harper, will teach kids how to make using paper and masking tape. Then we will launch the rockets using compressed air at Mitchell Park (parents join kids at Mitchell Park for the all church picnic; permission forms required, as we will be going off campus).

August 4: To be determined.