Sunday School FAQ for Fall 2021

Sunday School started up again on Sunday, September 12, 2021!

Have Questions? Here are lots of answers:

Are In-Person Classes Outdoors?
Yes! Every in-person class will be fully outdoors in some part of the patio or playground.

Are There Online Classes Too? Yes! 

What is the Sunday Morning Sunday School Schedule? Here it is:

ClassStart TimeWhere
Grades K-2 (Tangerine)9:30Thacher Playground, Behind Room 1
Online Gr. K-5 (Silver)9:30Online 
Grade 3-5 (Teal)9:30Tents behind Fireside Room 
Grade 6-8 (Ecojustice)9:30Covered patio(Til Evans Garden)
Grade 6-8 (Neighboring Religions)9:30Online
Zoom links for online classes are sent via the weekly Sunday School Reminder email and monthly CYRE newsletter. Sign up to get them:

If I didn’t register for the 9:30 service, can I still bring my child to Sunday School? Yes! Do look for sign-in tables for all Sunday School Classes. Expect basic screening questions. We hope you are able to register for the 9:30 Worship Service.

Should I take my child to their class before I go to the worship service?Yes, including signing them in. Complete this one-time CYRE Registration form in advance to make sign-in easier. FYI the worship service is in the parking lot behind room A – you will see it!

Will there be coffee and hot chocolate? Sorry, not yet. 

Will there be masks required and social distancing? Yes! Please choose an online option only if your child has symptoms or is quarantining. 

When will classes end? In-person classes will continue until service is over. Online classes will run for around 45 minutes and will end when the day’s class is done.

More questions? Email
Thanks, Edie Keating, for the CYRE Committee