Sunday School Spring Project: “Judean Village”

From March 29 through May 3, 2020, the 9:30 a.m. kids program will focus on “Judean Village.” All ages from gr. K-5 will meet together, and kids will travel back in time to visit a Judean Village in the year 29. There will be several “shopkeepers” who show kids everything from making a musical instrument, to baking, to carrying water, to writing with a quill pen — activities that might have been done in a Judean village in the year 29. Kids get to decide which shopkeeper they would like to learn from that week. Middle schoolers get to help adults lead activities that will include nature crafts, cooking with natural ingredients, cooking outdoors, games, singing nature-themed songs, and more. Rumors about a radical rabbi named Jesus was fighting the oppressive Roman regime pass through the village, and the evil Roman tax collector comes around and tries to get taxes from the shopkeepers. Kids tell us that they look forward to the Judean Village program, so that’s why we keep offering it biannually.

If you would like to lead a Judean Village activity during 3 or more weeks of this program, please contact Dan Harper. There are lots of suggested activities on one of Dan’s Web sites: