Support Safe Parking at city hearing (new date: May 25 @ 6pm)

The wheels of city government turn slowly, but they do move, and they are moving closer toward enabling us at UUCPA to help our community in a new way. Congregation member Chris Kan has been leading a group working to bring a safe parking program for people living out of their cars to our church’s parking lot. He writes,

We will be providing space for four cars and care packages, while our partner Move MV will operate the lot and help clients with county support services. I hope you share my excitement in us directly applying our principles of love and service to our community’s most vulnerable people.

But our shelter needs your help! The city is holding a public hearing so people in the neighborhood can share their views on our shelter opening.

It is exciting! If you can speak to this issue, especially if you live close to UUCPA, please attend the virtual meeting on Tuesday, May 25, at 6 p.m.

Update: The city made a clerical mistake so the meeting is being moved to Tuesday, May 25 at 6pm.