Tea is back!

New to UUCPA? Come have tea with Amy!

One of the delights of returning to UUCPA last month was how many exciting new names and faces there are! If you and I haven’t had much time to talk yet, there could be a lot of reasons:

  • You started coming to UUCPA in 2024
  • You started coming to UUCPA while I was on sabbatical, or not long beforehand
  • You’re a busy person!

It’s time to resume regular tea times. Two are now on the calendar: Sunday, February 25, at 11:45 in Room A, and Sunday, March 24, at 11:45 in Room D (my office).

You are warmly invited to join me for cookies and tea on whichever date works for you. One option will be homemade chai, made from tea leaves that a UUCPA member brought from his family home in Assam, India. It’s a chance for us all to get to know each other–you, me, and others who are making UUCPA their spiritual home–or are still asking, “Is this the place for me?”

Children are welcome and childcare is available in Room 2-3–your choice.

Can’t be there in person? Make a cup of tea and join the lively conversation via Zoom.

–(Rev.) Amy (Zucker Morgenstern, Parish Minister)