The Hotel de Zink Homeless Shelter at UUCPA during the month of Sept 2021

Hi Everyone – September has 30 days – so we need 30 dinner signups! Hotel de Zink is the homeless shelter that we host every September. Please consider signing up – there are still a couple of nights open! Please sign up to bring a meal for 12 with this form – 2021 Hotel de Zink signup form you will see available dates.

Questions?  Check our FAQ:

Need to see what date you signed up for? Look at the Hotel de Zink Schedule:

A few more details…

Main Ask: Bring a hot dinner at 7pm to the UUCPA kitchen. (7pm is when Hotel de Zink opens). Sign up using the form above.

Edie and Beth are happy to have a conversation about what to bring or the amounts. Early dropoff may be possible, but you need to talk to us in advance. (If you just arrive at 6 pm, the kitchen is probably locked.)

Some people have figured out that Costco, Nob Hill or Safeway have delicious options that you just put in the oven – you are heating, not really cooking. Add a bag of ready-made salad too – or tubs of coleslaw or potato salad. 

A little more expensive, but ordering food to go is also possible. If you pick it up and bring it to church at 7 pm, perfect! With advance notice, Edie can often pick up the order at 6:30. We have had meals from Mountain Mike Pizza, KFC, Baja Fresh, Panda Express, and others!.

Last thing – no cooking – could you be on site for a few nights 7-8 pm to help serve dinner? Mostly, Edie and Beth cover this. There are a few nights when both Beth and Edie are not available. Mainly – set out plates and serving utensils – then participants help themselves.  A few other to-do’s, (call for help if dinner doesn’t come!) but understand that this is very easy but still appreciated.

Thank you! 

Edie & Beth